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: another mood to suppress

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Coke + Burger King = Lawsuit
A few years ago, Coca-Cola ran a study of their Frozen Coke in Richmond, VA, with the full intent of pursuading Burger King to buy the Frozen Coke machines and sell the drink to their customers. The tests were very pursuasive, and Burger King bought into it, lock-stock, and barrel.

Thing is, Coke fudged the testing by influencing their employees to purchase Kids meals, in order to get a free Frozen Coke as part of the testing/promotion. :P

Now, Coke has come clean, and BK is hot like a girlfriend left behind at Planet Hollywood.

NPR [http://www.npr.org]
USA Today [http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/food/2003-06-17-coke-burger-king_x.htm]

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According to NPR, not just influenced empployees - actually hired 'consultants' to go buy up Kids Meals or what have you - to the tune of $10,000 worth. My wife was dumbstruck. 'Don't they have plenty of money already?'

Oh yeah, forgot about that. When I heard the story, I was driving to work. Occasionally, an idiot driver will take my mind off the radio, which is more important than the road, uh-huh!

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