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: another mood to suppress

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What's Your Pick?
Well, the WAR rages on.

From the library (which doesn't carry jack, and has the WORST Search Engine I have ever known), I retrieved two old issues of The Writer [http://www.writermag.com], and the Dalai Lama's autobiography, which is very good so far. The thing about the magazines though, is that it gets me riled up; I'm inspired, not by writers saying what they do to get inspired, or how they write. Rather, it's that they are published and I sit and wonder, What have I done lately?

Oscars [http://www.oscars.com] were good. Adrien Brody and the Douglas's were my favorite. Kidman was too giddy. J-Lo tuned it down, even though she said that she would be outdoing her double-sided tape-number that eeryone and their grandmother copied. Steve Martin did very well. AND, I cannot believe that Eminem/a rap song won. Totally unbelievable.

The one issue I have about Stuart Little 2 is, that almost everyone in that pic was either wearing red, or yellow. I just want to say, give me a break!

TU [http://www.utulsa.edu/] is out.
OSU [http://www.okstate.edu/] is out.

The television version of Naked Gun 2 ½ is still best!