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: another mood to suppress

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Zen Writing: Finale Cut Amateur

Zen Writing: Final Cut Amateur

Godfather III - Michael and Calo

(A shared moment in Michael's home that did not make it into the movie)

[INT. Michael's study. Michael, Calo, and Vincent]

Michael -
Calo. Calo my old friend, some day, we two old
men will return to a happy Sicily.

Calo -
Don Corleone, my home is not so happy. Perhaps we
find happiness here.

Michael -
No, no. Sicily is still beautiful, is it not,

Calo -
Yes, but there is still trouble there, and no one
is safe.

Michael -
[Pausing to think] There was a time when the
name Sicily would calm a beast, and smooth the waves. Where is the
Sicily our Father's Fathers knew?

Calo -
[Nodding his head] Ci. [Face lights up] Don, we
can still go to Sicily, and find a small cafe, one with a table
outside, and a bottle of wine...

Michael -
And beautiful girls inside?

Calo -
Ci, beautiful girls for two old men like us.

Michael -
[Shaking his head] Calo, my friend, we shall
find that small cafe, with the table, and the bottle of wine. The
beautiful girls, I think, will stay inside. [Exits room]

Calo -
[Smiles and watches Michael leave the room]

Vincent -
[Getting closer] You know, someday he may ask

Calo -
[Stares strongly into Vincent's eyes] I would die
for Don Corleone. [Exits, leaving Vincent contemplating]

My jaw hurts. Kill me now.