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: another mood to suppress

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Sleep For Thought

Seen Hart's War and A Beautiful Mind.
I can see in the former, "We need to boost ticket sells on this," said the Producers/Distributer. So what did they do? Advertise it like it was all about Bruce Willis. But, it wasn't.

The latter, well, very good. There could have been more about Nash's ability. I didn't listen to Howard's commentary, except on the deleted scenes, and won't have time to. I appreciate his process...or intent, but he hasn't the primo directa yet.

I was working on the fubar flowchart from work. And, there is no way I can get the new flow onto the 8.5X14 original. Nope.


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i like how nash cut's through all the bullshit to get laid... ;)

i mean "cuts" argh...

Hi there, I'm alparrott. I was browsing around and saw your LJ. I noticed we have a lot of common interests. So, welcome to my friends list. Hope to talk to you soon.


Sorry, I don't have any cuttle bones for you...

Bet you never heard that one before, wink-wink.


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