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: another mood to suppress

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Meshin' with the Mind
I'll try it again, to write down what I was thinking about a coupla' nights ago.
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USC Professor - How could we travel through time, if time is realative to where you are? This is the question he was asking, asking all his life, and seemed to never get an answer.

Narrator - The argument being made was that keeps going in it's steady pace, whether here, or on the other side of the world, or on the Moon, or Mars, or Pluto. Or even if you orbit Proxima Centauri, a red dwarf about 4 light-years away from our solar system, and which takes a half million years to circle around its brothers Alpha Centauri A and B. To make sense of this argument, hypothize the possibility of people living on Europa, a Jovian satellite. Europa takes about 3-and-one-half days to go around Jupiter, but Jupiter goes around the Sun ever 12 years. 12 Earth years. If it takes you one year to get to Jupiter, with a little luck, and you stay on, or near to the surface for at least one orbit around the Sun, and travel back to Earth, everybody on Earth will have aged 14 years. Meanwhile, you will have aged 14 years.

USC Professor - This was onlly the start of his hypothesis. It was a learning experiment, or rather a re-learning. His want was to get people to think clearly, and forget about the bad science that they had learned. The first step was to see that because we were born on Earth, everything we know about time is relative to this planet. If we go away to Jupiter, and come back after a length of time, we still would have aged as much as our friends and family. If we travelled outside of our system, we would be out there for so long, we would have to rely on a different time schedule, because returning to Earth would be a futile cause. We might just travel so far, that returning would take longer than we could live. But would that time be in Earth time, or Galactic time?

Narrator - If this was the first step, then what was next?

USC Professor - After learning about ouir time, he went on to black holes and Einstein.

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