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: another mood to suppress

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Conversation With Myself
I was bored last night at work, NOT to mention mad that the day people had messed up work, so I thought about time. Yes, yes, time. So, I'll repeat it here justto amuse myself, and log it into a permenant situation. If time bores you, then don't read it.


USC Professor - His proposal is, that time is straight, and undeterred, no matter what you do. The universe has it's own time clock, and our time is meaningless. Which, he believes negates the possibility of time travel. BUT...
(more later)

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YOU were educated EVIIL

My Cubic wisdom is above
1 - day Gods and Scientists.

Re: YOU were educated EVIIL

I suppose that was suppose to be http://www.timecube.com ?

Re: YOU were educated EVIIL

Okay, you're crazy.

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