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A kind of Kurt Cobain Day
The weekend sucked. Reall. Totally.
Watching Andromeda (who cares about the spelling), and I saw the guy that played Beyers on The X-Files on there. Semi-interesting, the inter-play of him and this AI woman. Other than that, a very boring show.
Now, after that came on Mutant-X, or something like it. I didn't watch it, boring you know, but in the opening credits, the real credits after the opening title, I saw the name (Howard) Chaykin. Now, you may wonder what is so freaking special about ? Well, for starters, he gave American Flagg! some balls, and he created a sensation with the 'behind-the-counter' comic book Black Kiss. I have two of every issue, plus two different signed. Look up Black Kiss; read it, buy it, enjoy it!
Apparently, he's been doing a lot of tv work.

Web Designers Meet Up at The Buzz? Are you kidding?! Might as well make it Night Trips! ...Where all the girls are fishing for dollars!


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